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Suite 3, 2 Stawell Street,
Richmond VIC 3121 (03) 9571 8144

Achieving success in business today demands more than just a passion for something you’re good at, or the will to make money through an idea or concept.

Find the right business advisor is so important and the accountant is often the first point of call for an external source of support.

Given the major role your business plays in your life and the life of others, it is critical that appropriate structures are put in place to provide for legal risks, asset protection and legitimate tax minimisation. We combine knowledge and a passion for real outcomes to provide its clients with advice in relation to a range of other complex tax based area’s.

Argent Accounting understands that your business is the financial generator that feeds onto your personal wealth and asset building strategies. Balancing the needs of the business in conjunction with your lifestyle and retirement means not losing focus on the long term, whilst addressing things we can do better in the short term.

Argent Accounting’s Business Strategic & Advisory services include:

  • Business Strategies and planning;
  • SWOT analysis;
  • Management support and Decision Making;
  • Business setup support;
  • Tax & Legal structuring advice (including restructuring of your business and asset holding structures);
  • Small business Capital Gains Tax (CGT) concessions advice.

Argent Accounting believes that having a trusted advisor available to bounce around ideas and concepts can mean so much – not only the short term but for future growth as well.

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