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Suite 3, 2 Stawell Street,
Richmond VIC 3121 (03) 9571 8144

About Argent Accounting

Argent Accounting offers a boutique and premium accounting and taxation service for business and high wealth individuals. We take a fresh and modern approach to the way we support our clients with their accounting and taxation requirements.

Our Argent philosophy is all about taking an active and engaged role within your business and personal situation, that goes far beyond the traditional services offered by other accounting firms.

Achieving success within your business and personally, demands more than simply being good at something.

Argent Accounting & Argent Law take an integrated approach and we know how important it is for business owners to be able to access good and meaningful advice.

The demands placed on business owners today in Australia, means it is more important than ever to have the right support network around you and your business. This support team should not only add direct value to the business, but it should allow you to focus on what makes your business great in the first place.

About Our Principal

As Director at Argent Accounting, James is proud to offer a full range of accounting & taxation services to Australian businesses and individuals.

James’ passion ad experience lies with working very closely alongside small to medium businesses, across a diversity of industries and sizes. He considers himself very lucky to have been able to work with some great clients over the last 13 years, working exclusively as a Tax Accountant and Business Advisor.

James is a Chartered Accountant and has had enjoyed a vast history of assisting business owners. This experience has also allowed him to extend upon his core accounting expertise with a competent offering of business advisory services.

More than anything, he desires his client’s to be successful and takes pride in being part of their business journey. He enjoys rolling up his sleeves to take an active role within his clients businesses.

His professional experience working with a diverse client base, means he can proudly offer his services to almost any business.


Argent Accounting
Suite 3, 2 Stawell St,
Richmond 3123

03 9571 8144


The Team

James Patterson
James Patterson


Melissa Patterson
Melissa Patterson

Director at Argent Law

Kate Kregting
Kate Kregting

Bookkeeping Support